2020 Chevrolet Colorado Owners Manual - Windows


The vehicle aerodynamics are designed to improve fuel economy performance. This may result in a pulsing sound when either rear window is down and the front windows are up. To reduce the sound, open either a front window or the sunroof, if equipped.

Crew Cab Shown, Extended Cab Similar

Power windows work when the ignition is on, in ACC/ACCESSORY, or when Retained Accessory Power (RAP) is active. See Retained Accessory Power (RAP) 0 164.

Using the window switch, press to open or pull to close the window.

The windows may be temporarily disabled if they are used repeatedly within a short time.

This feature stops the rear passenger windows from working.

    Press Z to engage the rear window lockout feature. The indicator light is on when engaged.
    Press Z again to disengage.

All windows can be opened without holding the window switch. Press the switch down fully and quickly release to express open the window.

If equipped, pull the window switch up fully and quickly release to express close the window.

Briefly press or pull the window switch in the same direction to stop that window’s express movement.

The express-close feature will reverse window movement if it comes in contact with an object. Extreme cold or ice could cause the window to auto-reverse. The window will operate normally after the object or condition is removed.

When the engine is on, override the automatic reversal system by pulling and holding the window switch if conditions prevent it from closing.

Programming may be necessary if the vehicle battery has been disconnected or discharged. If the window is unable to express-up, program each express-close window:

    Close all doors.
    Turn the ignition on or to ACC/ ACCESSORY.
    Partially open the window to be programmed. Then close it and continue to pull the switch briefly after the window has fully closed.
    Open the window and continue to press the switch briefly after the window has fully opened.

If the vehicle has this feature, squeeze the latch in the center of the window and slide the glass to open it.

Be sure the latch is engaged when the window is closed.

Pull the sun visor down to block glare. Detach the sun visor from the center mount to pivot to the side window and, if equipped, extend along the rod.

Head Restraints 28

Seat Adjustment 29

Power Seat Adjustment 30

Lumbar Adjustment 30

Reclining Seatbacks 31

Heated Front Seats 32

Rear Seats 33

Seat Belts 35

How to Wear Seat Belts

Properly 37

Lap-Shoulder Belt 39

Seat Belt Use During

Pregnancy 42

Seat Belt Extender 42

Safety System Check 42

Seat Belt Care 42

Replacing Seat Belt System

Parts after a Crash 43

Airbag System 44

Where Are the Airbags? 45

When Should an Airbag

Inflate? 47

What Makes an Airbag

Inflate? 48

How Does an Airbag

Restrain? 48

What Will You See after an

Airbag Inflates? 48

Passenger Sensing System 50

Servicing the Airbag-Equipped Vehicle 54

Adding Equipment to the

Airbag-Equipped Vehicle 54

Airbag System Check 55

Replacing Airbag System Parts after a Crash 56

Older Children 56

Infants and Young Children 58

Child Restraint Systems 60

Where to Put the Restraint 62

Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH System) 63

Replacing LATCH System Parts After a Crash 78

Securing Child Restraints (With the Seat Belt in the

Rear Seat) 79

Securing Child Restraints (With the Seat Belt in the

Front Seat) 84

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