2020 Chevrolet Colorado Owners Manual - Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security

This vehicle has theft-deterrent features; however, they do not make the vehicle impossible to steal.

If equipped with the anti-theft alarm system, the indicator light, on the instrument panel near the windshield, indicates the status of the system.

Off : Alarm system is disarmed.

On Solid : Vehicle is secured during the delay to arm the system.

Fast Flash : Vehicle is unsecured. A door or the hood is open.

Slow Flash : Alarm system is armed.

    Turn off the vehicle.
    Lock the vehicle with one of the following:
    Use the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter.
    With a door open, press Q

on the interior of the door.

    After 30 seconds the alarm system will arm, and the indicator light will begin to slowly flash indicating the alarm system is operating. Pressing Q on the RKE

transmitter a second time will

bypass the 30-second delay and immediately arm the alarm system.

The theft-deterrent alarm system will not arm if the doors are locked with the key.

If the driver door is opened without first unlocking with the RKE transmitter, the horn will chirp and the lights will flash to indicate

pre-alarm. If the vehicle is not started, or the door is not unlocked by pressing K on the RKE transmitter during the 10-second pre-alarm, the alarm will be activated.

If a door or the hood is opened without first disarming the system, the turn signals will flash and the horn will sound for about

30 seconds. The alarm system will then re-arm to monitor for the next unauthorized event.

To disarm the alarm system or turn off the alarm if it has been activated:

    Press K on the RKE transmitter.
    Start the vehicle.

To avoid setting off the alarm by accident:

    Lock the vehicle after all occupants have left the vehicle and all doors are closed.
    Always unlock a door with the RKE transmitter.

Unlocking the driver door with the key will not disarm the system or turn off the alarm.

If K is pressed on the RKE transmitter and the horn chirps three times, an alarm occurred previously while the alarm system was armed.

See Radio Frequency Statement

0 343.

This vehicle has a passive theft-deterrent system.

The system does not have to be manually armed or disarmed.

The vehicle is automatically immobilized when the vehicle is turned off.

The system is automatically disarmed when the ignition is turned from off to on.

The security light, in the instrument cluster, comes on if there is a problem with arming or disarming the theft-deterrent system.

When trying to start the vehicle, the security light comes on briefly when the ignition is turned on.

If the engine does not start and the security light stays on, there is a problem with the system. Turn the ignition off and try again.

If the engine still does not start, and the key appears to be undamaged, try another ignition key. It may be necessary to check the fuse. See Fuses and Circuit Breakers 0 253. If the engine still does not start with the other key, the vehicle needs

service. If the vehicle does start, the first key may be faulty. See your dealer.

It is possible for the immobilizer system to learn new or replacement keys. Up to eight keys can be programmed for the vehicle. To program additional transmitters, see Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System Operation 0 12.

Do not leave the transmitter or device that disarms or deactivates the vehicle theft-deterent system in the vehicle.

See your dealer to get a new key blank cut exactly as the ignition key that operates the system.

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