2020 Chevrolet Colorado Owners Manual - Rear Seats

Rear Seats

If equipped, the message REAR SEAT REMINDER LOOK IN REAR

SEAT displays under certain conditions indicating there may be an item or passenger in the rear seat. Check before exiting the vehicle.

This feature will activate when a second row door is opened while the vehicle is on or up to 10 minutes before the vehicle is turned on.

There will be an alert when the vehicle is turned off. The alert does not directly detect objects in the rear seat; instead, under certain conditions, it detects when a rear door is opened and closed, indicating that there may be something in the rear seat.

The feature is active only once each time the vehicle is turned on and off, and will require reactivation by opening and closing the second row doors. There may be an alert even when there is nothing in the rear seat; for example, if a child entered

the vehicle through the rear door and left the vehicle without the vehicle being shut off.

The feature can be turned on or off. See Vehicle Personalization 0 120.

On crew cab models, the rear seatbacks can be folded forward.

To fold a rear seatback:

    Fold the head restraint. See

Head Restraints 0 28.

    Disconnect the rear center seat belt latch from the mini-buckle by inserting the tip of the seat belt tongue into the slot on the buckle. Let the belt retract.

    Pull the release strap on the outboard side of the seatback.
    Fold the seatback forward.

To return a seatback to the upright position:

    Lift the seatback up and push it rearward.
    Return the head restraint to the upright position. See Head Restraints 0 28.
    Push and pull on the seatback to make sure it is locked in place.
    Reconnect the center seat belt latch plate to the mini-buckle. Make sure the seat belt is not twisted.
    Push and pull on the latch plate to be sure it is secure.

When the seatback is not in use, it should be kept in the upright, locked position.

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