2020 Chevrolet Colorado Owners Manual - Front Seats

Front Seats

To adjust the seat:

    Pull the handle at the front of the seat.
    Slide the seat to the desired position and release the handle.
    Try to move the seat back and forth to be sure the seat is locked in place.

To adjust a power driver seat, if equipped:

    Move the seat forward or rearward by sliding the control forward or rearward.
    Raise or lower the entire seat by moving the rear of the control up or down.
    If equipped, raise or lower the front part of the seat cushion by moving the front of the control up or down.

To adjust the seatback, see

Reclining Seatbacks 0 31.

If equipped, press and hold the top of the control to increase lumbar support. Press and hold the bottom of the control to decrease lumbar support. Release the control when the seatback reaches the desired level of lumbar support.

Do not have a seatback reclined if the vehicle is moving.

To recline the seatback:

    Lift the lever.
    Move the seatback to the desired position, and then release the lever to lock the seatback in place.
    Push and pull on the seatback to make sure it is locked.

To return the seatback to the upright position:

    Lift the lever fully without applying pressure to the seatback.
    Push and pull on the seatback to make sure it is locked.

If equipped, the buttons are on the center stack. To operate, the engine must be running.

Press + to heat the driver or passenger seatback only.

Press z to heat the driver or passenger cushion and seatback.

The indicator light comes on when this feature is on.

Press the button once for the highest setting. With each press of the button, the seat will change to the next lower setting, and then to the off setting. The indicator lights next to the buttons indicate three for the highest setting and one for the lowest. If the heated seats are on high, their level may automatically be lowered after approximately

30 minutes.

During a remote start, the heated seats can be turned on automatically. The heated seats are canceled when the ignition is turned on. Press the heated seat button to use the heated seats after the vehicle is started.

The heated seat indicator lights do not turn on during a remote start.

The temperature performance of an unoccupied seat may be reduced. This is normal.

The heated seats will not turn on during a remote start unless they are enabled in the vehicle personalization menu. See Remote Vehicle Start 0 15 and

Vehicle Personalization 0 120.

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