2020 Chevrolet Colorado Owners Manual - Exterior Mirrors

Exterior Mirrors

The passenger side mirror is convex shaped. A convex mirror's surface is curved so more can be seen from the driver seat.

If equipped, adjust manual mirrors by moving the mirror up and down or left to right to see a little of the side of the vehicle and to have a clear view behind the vehicle.

Using hood-mounted air deflectors and add-on convex mirror attachments could decrease mirror performance.

If equipped, adjust the power mirrors:

    Move the selector switch to L (Left) or R (Right) to choose driver or passenger mirror.
    Press the arrows on the control pad to move each mirror in the desired direction.
    Return the selector switch to the center position.

The mirrors can be folded inward toward the vehicle to prevent damage when going through an automatic car wash. Push the mirror outward to return it to the original position.

If equipped, the rear window defogger also heats the outside mirrors.

K : Press to heat the outside mirrors. See“Rear Window Defogger” under Climate Control Systems 0 133.

The blind spot mirror is a small convex mirror built into the upper and outer corner of the driver

outside mirror. It can show objects that may be in the vehicle's

blind zone.

Actual Mirror View

    When the approaching vehicle is a long distance away, the image in the main mirror is small and near the inboard edge of the mirror.
    As the vehicle gets closer, the image in the main mirror gets larger and moves outboard.
    As the vehicle enters the blind zone, the image transitions from the main mirror to the blind spot mirror.
    When the vehicle is in the blind zone, the image only appears in the blind spot mirror.
    Set the main mirror so that the side of the vehicle can just be seen and the blind spot mirror has an unobstructed view.
    When checking for traffic or before changing a lane, look at the main driver/passenger side mirror to observe traffic in the adjacent lane, behind your vehicle. Check the blind spot

mirror for a vehicle in the blind zone. Then, glance over your shoulder to double check before moving slowly into the adjacent lane.

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