2020 Chevrolet Colorado Owners Manual - Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lamp Controls

The exterior lamp control is on the instrument panel to the left of the steering wheel.

O : Turns off the automatic headlamps and Daytime Running Lamps (DRL). Turn the headlamp control to O again to turn the automatic headlamps or DRL back on.

For vehicles first sold in Canada, off will only work when the vehicle is in P (Park).

AUTO : Automatically turns on the headlamps at normal brightness, together with the following:

    Parking Lamps
    Instrument Panel Lights
    License Plate Lamps
    Front/Rear Sidemarker Lamps

When the vehicle is turned off and the headlamps are in AUTO, the headlamps turn off. When the key is removed, they automatically turn on for a set time. The time of the delay can be changed using the DIC. See Driver Information Center (DIC) (Base Level) 0 114 or

Driver Information Center (DIC) (Uplevel) 0 116.

; : Turns on the parking lamps including all lamps, except the headlamps.

2 : Turns on the headlamps together with the parking lamps and instrument panel lights.

When the headlamps are turned on while the vehicle is on, the headlamps turn off automatically 10 minutes after the ignition is

turned off. When the headlamps are turned on while the vehicle is off, the headlamps will stay on for

10 minutes before turning off to prevent the battery from being drained. Turn the headlamp control off and then back to the headlamp on position to make the headlamps stay on for an additional 10 minutes. To keep the lamps on for more than 10 minutes, the ignition must be on or in ACC/ACCESSORY.

# : If equipped, this turns on the fog lamps. See Fog Lamps 0 128.

Exterior Lamps Off Reminder

A reminder chime sounds when the headlamps or parking lamps are manually turned on, the ignition is off, and a door is open. To disable the chime, turn the lamps off.

Push the turn signal lever toward the instrument panel to change the headlamps from low to high beam.

Pull the turn signal lever toward you and release it to return to low-beam headlamps.

When the high-beam headlamps are on, this indicator light on the instrument cluster will also be on.

This feature lets you use the high-beam headlamps to signal a

driver in front of you that you want to pass. It works even if the headlamps are in the automatic position.

To use it, pull the turn signal lever toward you, then release it.

If the headlamps are in the automatic position or on low beam, the high-beam headlamps will turn on. They will stay on as long as you hold the lever toward you. The

high-beam indicator on the instrument cluster will come on. Release the lever to return to normal operation.

DRL can make it easier for others to see the front of the vehicle during the day. Fully functional DRL are required on all vehicles first sold in Canada.

The DRL system comes on when the following conditions are met:

    The ignition is on.
    The exterior lamp control is in AUTO.
    The parking brake is released or the vehicle is not in P (Park).
    The light sensor determines it is daytime.

When the DRL system is on, only the DRL are on. The taillamps, sidemarker lamps, instrument panel lights, and other lamps will not

be on.

When it begins to get dark, the automatic headlamp system switches from DRL to the headlamps.

To turn off the DRL, turn the exterior lamp control to O and then release. For vehicles first sold in Canada, off will only work when the vehicle is parked.

When the exterior lamp control is set to AUTO and it is dark enough outside, the headlamps come on automatically.

There is a light sensor on top of the instrument panel. Do not cover the sensor, otherwise the headlamps will come on when they are not needed.

The system may also turn on the headlamps when driving through a parking garage or tunnel.

If the vehicle is started in a dark garage, the automatic headlamp system comes on immediately. If it is light outside when the vehicle leaves the garage, there is a slight delay before the automatic headlamp system changes to the DRL. During that delay, the instrument cluster may not be as bright as usual. Make sure the instrument panel brightness control

is in the full bright position. See Instrument Panel Illumination Control 0 129.

When it is bright enough outside, the headlamps will turn off or may change to Daytime Running Lamps (DRL).

The automatic headlamp system turns off when the exterior lamp control is turned to O or the ignition is off.

If the windshield wipers are activated in daylight with the engine on, and the exterior lamp control is in AUTO, the headlamps, parking lamps, and other exterior lamps come on. The transition time for the lamps coming on varies based on wiper speed. When the wipers are not operating, these lamps turn off. Move the exterior lamp control to O or ; to disable this feature.

| : Press to make the front and rear turn signal lamps flash on and off. Press again to turn the flashers off.

When the hazard warning flashers are on, the vehicle's turn signals will not work.

An arrow on the instrument cluster flashes in the direction of the turn or lane change.

Move the turn signal lever all the way up or down to signal a turn.

Raise or lower the lever for less than one second until the arrow starts to flash to signal a lane change. This causes the turn signals to automatically flash three times. Holding the turn signal lever for more than one second will cause the turn signals to flash until the lever is released.

The lever returns to its starting position whenever it is released.

If after signaling a turn or a lane change the arrows flash rapidly or do not come on, a signal bulb could be burned out.

Replace any burned out bulbs. If a bulb is not burned out, check the fuse. See Fuses and Circuit Breakers 0 253.

Turn Signal On Chime

If the turn signal is left on for more than 1.2 km (0.75 mi), a chime sounds at each flash of the turn signal. The message TURN SIGNAL ON will also appear in the Driver Information Center (DIC). To turn the chime and message off, move the turn signal lever to the off position.

If equipped, the control is on the center of the exterior lamp control, to the left of the steering column.

The ignition must be on for the fog lamps to come on.

# : Press to turn the fog lamps on or off. A light will come on in the instrument cluster.

When the fog lamps are turned on, the parking lamps automatically turn on.

When the headlamps are changed to high beam, the fog lamps go off. When the high-beam headlamps are turned off, the fog lamps will come on again.

Some localities have laws that require the headlamps to be on with the fog lamps.

The cargo lamp provides more light in the cargo area of the vehicle,

if needed. The lamps inside the pickup box also turn on, if equipped.

Press the switch down to turn the cargo lamp on or off. The shift lever must be in P (Park), R (Reverse), or N (Neutral) to operate the

cargo lamp.

Become familiar with and follow all state and local laws that apply to cargo lamp operation.

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